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Lewis Center Tooth Extractions

Root Canal Therapy at Olentangy Modern Dental
If you have a painful, troublesome tooth and are located in Lewis Center, Delaware, or Powell, Dr. Amy Gavin of Olentangy Modern Dental is here to help. We know that a painful infected tooth or wisdom tooth can seriously affect your ability to live your day-to-day life. That’s why we offer fast, gentle tooth extractions.

Why Would I Need a Tooth to Be Extracted?

The most common reason you may need a tooth extraction is if your wisdom teeth aren’t growing into your mouth properly. You may also need a tooth to be extracted if it’s been seriously damaged by oral conditions like gum disease or tooth decay, or if it’s been damaged by an oral injury. If it is not possible to save your tooth with a treatment like a root canal, it may be better to remove and replace it.

Teeth sometimes also must be extracted to prepare for dental procedures like dentures or dental implants. Occasionally, teeth may need to be extracted for orthodontic purposes, such as making room if you have crowded teeth and a very small mouth.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Your wisdom teeth are your final set of molars, and they usually start to emerge from your mouth between the ages of 17-25. They are a natural part of your mouth. However, many of us do not have enough room in our mouths for our wisdom teeth, since they grow so much later. This is particularly true if you have had orthodontic work, like braces.

When your wisdom teeth begin to emerge, they can push your other teeth out of position, fail to erupt properly, and cause other serious oral health issues. For these reasons, most patients choose to have their wisdom teeth extracted once they start to emerge. At Olentangy Modern Dental, we can perform extractions of non-impacted wisdom teeth.

Understanding the Tooth Extraction Process

The tooth extraction process is quite simple. First, Dr. Amy Gavin will numb your mouth and clean the treatment area. You can also be sedated, if you wish. Once your mouth is numb, Dr. Gavin will use a special tool called a dental elevator to wiggle the tooth loose in its socket.

Once it has been sufficiently loosened, she will use a forceps to grasp the tooth by its root. Then, she will pull out the tooth in a single motion. After the tooth is pulled, she will clean and disinfect the area, then suture the socket of your tooth shut. This completes the procedure, which may be repeated if you require multiple tooth extractions.

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At Olentangy Modern Dental, it’s our goal to provide you with fast, pain-free tooth extractions in Olentangy, Delaware and Lewis Center. So if you are struggling with a painful tooth or think your wisdom teeth need to be extracted, don’t wait. Contact us right away by giving us a call at 740-200-5100, or stop by our office at 7100 Graphics Way #3800 Lewis Center, OH, 43035 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Amy Gavin.

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