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No dental benefits? Olentangy Modern Dental has you covered.

A woman frustrated with dental insurance
Dental insurance creates more headaches than relief:
  • You’re paying for coverage you don’t need
  • Insurance dictates what you can and can’t have
  • Coverage hasn’t kept up with the rising costs of dentistry
  • Annual limits prevent you from getting the care you need, putting your smile’s health at risk
Your health can’t wait for dental insurance to keep up.
You deserve so much more.

Simple, Comprehensive Coverage That Puts Your Smile First

... not the insurance's bottom line.
Dr. Amy Gavin saw firsthand the downfalls insurance put on her patients.

Seeing my patients struggle keeping up with payments while getting nothing in return, it broke my heart. That’s why I created the OMD Plan, so you have control of your smile’s health while saving money.” – Dr. Gavin

  • Experience no waiting periods, copays, deductibles, annual maximums
  • Pay for what you need to save money (potentially over $200 per year!)
  • Have your preventive care 100% covered
  • Receive discounts on our dental services (including cosmetic dentistry)

Choose One of Our Three Plans:

The OMD Plan
  • 2 cleanings
  • 2 exams with Dr. Gavin
  • All diagnostic imaging (x-rays and photos)
  • Fluoride for members age 17 and under
  • 15% discount on treatment
The OMD+ Plan
  • 4 cleanings
  • 2 exams with Dr. Gavin
  • 1 additional emergency exam per member
  • All diagnostic imaging (x-rays and photos)
  • Fluoride for all enrolled members, no age limit
  • 20% discount on treatment
The OMD VIP Plan
  • 4 cleanings
  • 2 exams with Dr. Gavin
  • 2 additional emergency exams per member
  • All diagnostic imaging (x-rays and photos)
  • Fluoride for all enrolled members, no age limit
  • 25% discount on treatment
  • Custom at-home whitening starter kit
  • $100 off Zoom or KÖR whitening year round
  • $11/unit Botox year round
The OMD Plan is Perfect if You:
Are tired of paying for expensive insurance
Are a small business owner looking for comprehensive coverage for your employees
Don’t have dental insurance, but want an affordable plan

Have Questions?

Read our top FAQs below for more information.

  • How long am I covered?
    Our plans are 12 months long and begin the day you sign-up.

    Your plan will renew at the year mark unless you indicate you’d like to stop.

  • Can I add family members?
    Yes! Our family plans include two adults and unlimited dependents living in the same household under the age of 18.

    Children or dependents over the age of 18 can be added as your second adult, or they can select their own OMD plan.

  • Are you accepting new patients?
    Yes! We love welcoming new patients to our dental family.

    Our dental office is conveniently located in Lewis Center, OH and serves communities all around, including Powell, Westerville, Delaware, Columbus, and Sunbury.

Protect Your Smile at an Affordable Price

Call us to sign up or for more information!