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Lewis Center Dental Implants

Dental Implants at Olentangy Modern Dental
Missing teeth can damage your self-esteem, and harm your oral health. At Olentangy Modern Dental, Dr. Amy Gavin is highly skilled in implant dentistry in Powell, Delaware, and Lewis Center. With our dedication to advanced technology and clinical excellence, we’re one of the best choices for dental implants in Olentangy. Let us help you restore your smile and your oral health!

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are small, screw-shaped pieces of titanium. These implants are placed in the gum and jaw, where the root of your missing tooth used to be. They bond with the surrounding tissue, functioning as an artificial root.

This allows a dentist like Dr. Gavin to attach a crown, or another implant-supported restoration, to the post, providing a permanent solution for missing teeth.

How Are Dental Implants Placed?

First, the area where the implant will be placed is numbed and cleaned. A small incision is made, and the implant is inserted directly into the gum and jaw. The site is cleaned and disinfected, then sutured shut.

Over a period of about 3-6 months, the implant will bond permanently with the gum and jaw tissue in your mouth. Once fully healed, you’ll come in for another appointment where a dental crown or an implant-supported restoration will be placed.

What Is An Implant-Supported Restoration?

Implant-supported restorations are sometimes known as “implant dentures”, or by the brand name “Hybridge” or “All-on-4”. Using multiple dental implants, Dr. Amy Gavin can attach a full arch of dentures to the upper or lower jaw.

These permanent dental implants do not shift or move, and they do not have to be removed for cleaning or maintenance, making them a much more convenient alternative to conventional dentures.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Not sure if a dental implant is right for you? These three benefits might change your mind!

Natural look and feel
A dental implant looks and feels completely natural. Whether you choose a dental crown or an implant-supported restoration, you will be able to speak, smile, and chew naturally.
30+ year lifespan
Dental implants can easily last three decades with proper care, and they will often last you for the rest of your life. That makes them a better long-term investment than dental bridges or dentures, which must often be replaced every 5-7 years.
No special care or treatment required
Just brush at least twice a day and floss at least once daily. That’s it! Dental implants require no other special care or treatment, once healed.

Restore Your Smile At Olentangy Modern Dental Today!

Don’t let your missing teeth affect your lifestyle, or harm your oral health. At Olentangy Modern Dental, Dr. Amy Gavin can provide you with a comfortable, natural, and affordable dental implant. Curious to learn more, or wondering if an alternative treatment like dentures or a dental bridge is right for you? Dr. Gavin is always happy to discuss all of your options for replacing missing teeth. We will develop a custom plan that’s right for your particular needs, and your budget. Contact us for an appointment now at (740) 200-5100, or visit our office in-person at 7100 Graphics Way, Suite 3800, Lewis Center, OH 43035.

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